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Dolphin Discovery

Everyone is having lots of fun in Aquaventuras Park!


Everyone is having lots of fun in...

...Aquaventuras Park!

Come reconnect with your inner child at Aquaventuras Park, guaranteed to fill your day with a whole lot of fun! Enjoy our incredible water slides, glide through our famous Teeth Breaker, hop on a tube with your friends on the Octopus or if you’re brave enough, dare to slide through the Happy Widow, one of our highest slides! Relax on our 160 m Lazy River and know that your little ones will also have a memorable time in our aquatic kids’ area.

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For more than 20 years, Dolphin Discovery has contributed to the study and conservation of Marine Mammals, creating a bond of love and respect through the best interactive experience in unique habitats around the world.

Come visit the friendliest and most adventurous park in Puerto Vallarta and share The Experience of a Lifetime alongside Dolphin Discovery!

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Immerse yourself in the Adventure

Feel the emotion and speed of our water slide, enjoy a fresh ride along the river; kids will have great moments in the playground while you complete our zip-line and water slides challenges. Swim with dolphins and sea lions for a perfect vacation and enjoy all what Aquaventuras Park has to offer as the favorite place among locals and visitors in Vallarta. Improve your family outings and spend a day in the most entertaining water park suitable for all ages!

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